Brock Shinen
Strategy Consultant and Operations Expert


Strategy Consultant and Operations Expert.

Areas of Focus

business Strategy

Studies show that around 98% of business leaders believe they will fail to reach their business goals because of a lack of strategy. Around 90% of businesses fail to reach more than half their goals. Clearly, businesses are failing at strategy. Effective strategy requires formation and implementation, yet most organizations and leaders fail at both. I show organizations how to formulate and implement smart and effective business strategies, regardless of industry, division, or objective.

Strategy & operations - program development

Information transfer is difficult in the corporate setting. One expert suggests that more than 90% of people who start a training actually complete it. I work with organizations to formulate, develop, and implement training programs with high engagement rates, covering my consulting topics and other areas. These include short and long-term programs taking place in person, via video conference, and/or pre-recorded audio, video, and written training.

digital engagement

Digital engagement is one of the hottest topics in corporate life, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood topics in business. Studies show that the vast majority of corporates fail to have a digital footprint, much less an engaged market. A Facebook page or Instagram account won't bring business to your organization, because there's a lot more to the digital engagement strategy than static presence. I work with organizations to develop effective digital engagement strategies across social media and other platforms.

leadership development

Leaders are not born; they are forged. But a lack of strong and effective leadership is one of the primary reasons businesses lose employees and undermine opportunity. Actually, "leaders" are most often former workers who have done a great job 'doing' and are handed a promotion to supervise others. The problem with that strategy is that these people have no idea how to lead, so they continue to "do." I work with organizations to develop strong and effective leaders who can support and encourage effective teams.


Employees who lack productivity drain the organization of its resources. Studies show that the vast majority of employees are simply unproductive. There are many reasons for this, including poor management, wasted time, and ineffective communication. When productivity improves, financials improve, as well as employee engagement and retention. I work with organizations to improve employee productivity and change habits that lead to poor productivity. I also wrote an Amazon #1 bestseller book on finishing things. You can buy it here:

risk analysis

Where there is no risk, there is no reward. Having said that, many organizations fail to adequately understand the nature and quality of risk, so they either avoid it, or jump into it without any proper understanding. I work with organizations to better understand risk, with particular emphasis on specific goals and objectives identified by the organization, so that the decision-making process is informed and presents the highest probability of success.

entrepreneurial mindset

One of the top complaints of business owners is that they believe their employees won't take 'ownership' of their jobs. They clock in and clock out, not caring whether the business wins or loses in the process. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, live and die on achieving their objectives. When a company has employees with the 'entrepreneurial mindset,' those employees are fired up to win even thought they do not own the business. I work with organizations to develop a strong entrepreneurial mindset within the ranks. 


Around 85% of executives and employees say that poor communication is the primary reason for business failure. When communication fails, deals are lost, employees rebel, and corporate vision is blurred. I work with organizations to identify the keys to successful communication, as well as the habits leading to improved communication.


"Soft" intellectual property

Most organizations spend enormous amounts of resources on patents while neglecting the powerful "soft" IP that exists in trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. I work with organizations to identify, protect, and exploit this soft IP through conventional and non-conventional channels. The button below links to a white paper I wrote that has become one of the most frequently cited authorities anywhere on copyright in the digital age, and it certainly applies to the corporate community.