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"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

- John D. Rockefeller.

Here's my story...

I grew up in an isolated, low-income desert town and was deprived of many resources. I couldn't afford college, so I trained myself as a competitive swimmer and runner in hopes of securing a scholarship. Fortunately, my discipline paid off and I received a partial scholarship. I worked hard, studied, ran for the school, and also worked part-time jobs, and eventually graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I knew I wanted to help people, so the logical extension of my undergraduate degree was graduate school. I attended grad school in Los Angeles County in a Masters/Ph.D program for Clinical Psychology

During my time in the program, I counseled people, but I also took odd jobs in large and small companies, trying to pay the bills. I quickly learned that organizations (and the people working for them) needed help as much as "regular" people. I wanted to help in a specific way, and law seemed like a solid choice. I switched gears and attended law school, and emphasized transactional, business, and intellectual property coursework. Shortly after I graduated, I started my own law practice and began serving the business and entrepreneurial community.

A few years into it, I was working with a software company on a contract with a vendor. We were discussing the practical implications of the contract on the company's workflow and I remembered something I learned from representing a farming company a year earlier. It was a commonly-known process the farming company used to manage workflow, and I mentally re-arranged the context and applied the logic to the software company's workflow. The owner of the company was blown away. Not so much by the new strategy, but by the fact that the company's lawyer (me) had taken the time to think outside the box and help them overcome a practical problem. We worked together on a new strategy using different tactics, and it was amazing. It was also my first defined taste of working in the field of leadership development. 

That experience unleashed something in me. When you work for years helping organizations solve legal problems, you gain valuable insight into how companies operate and where things break down. Leaning on my background in psychology, I started to emphasize the strategy of business decisions and operational improvement, as I helped them solve legal problems. I began training organizations and business leaders on how to make better decisions and improve operational skillsets. My legal insight provided me with deeper context and technical expertise.

I've been in the trenches for almost 20 years. I write for some of the largest publications in the world and am a commercially published author. I've hosted an award-winning business strategy podcast, and self-published an Amazon #1 best selling book on "finishing things." I consult with all types of organizations in all types of industries. I'm also happily married, have two children, and live life to the fullest.

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Education and Licensing

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Brock Shinen, Esq.

I'm a consultant and trainer, but I also own and operate a law practice (Law Office of Brock Shinen, Inc.). This site is not for legal inquires, but if you'd like to learn about my legal services, you can click below:



Western State University, College of Law
Juris Doctor, 2001

University of La Verne
Graduate Coursework, Clinical Psychology

Southern California College                              B.A., Psychology, 1994

Bar Admission

• California, 2002 to Present