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About me.

“Digital already powers 30% of worldwide growth, and that’s before the real digital transformation has begun.”

Our digital transformation agency has a pragmatic approach. We create a digital agenda around core initiatives designed to speed time-to-value. It spans strategy and experimentation through to transformation leadership and performance.

Our approach combines business and technology expertise, and accelerates the passage from idea to implementation. We are in the business of execution. We partner with our clients to imagine, design, implement, and facilitate growth.

In a world full of “consultants,” there is a need for a team to not only talk about the right way to implement but also to jump in the trenches with our clients and work alongside them.


Our founder Brock Shinen understands how to help businesses grow. In his words:

“I was in my first year of solo practice as an attorney when I sat with the President of a farming cooperative. We discussed intellectual property, but I couldn’t hide my intrigue as she explained a business process that was peculiar to the farming community.

She explained the evolution of systems used to adjust to the different ways farmers were being forced to engage with the marketplace. The information sat with me for many weeks, as I thought back through all the struggles I’d seen with businesses in my short time as an attorney.

Not long after, a software engineering firm hired me to develop a few contracts and as we discussed the firm’s operations, I sensed frustration among the executives. They wanted to grow and scale, but couldn’t see a way to adapt.

Their greatest fear was not knowing how to engage with the future. I talked to them about the process used by the farming company and how it might be adapted in the software engineering context to shift opportunities for them.

The executives were blown away with the “strategy,” and from that moment, a spark was ignited in me. I knew it was my life purpose to help companies adapt thinking and

transform. All those years ago, I didn’t even have a definition for the work I did with companies - I just did it.

My law practice exploded in growth, but an interesting thing happened. Rather than simply being hired to draft contracts or negotiate deals, I was now being hired to help businesses think about their problems differently.

I was being engaged to help them transform their thinking. In the process, I was also transforming my own thinking. I watched as many businesses spent mountains of cash on marketing in hopes of capturing a meaningful ROI, while forward-thinking companies were more focused on creating resources for their customers and the ROI was inextricably wound up in the direct benefit to those same customers.

I watched many companies try to implement the latest technology, while successful companies were more focused on “why" than “what."

Adapting in my own work, I launched a podcast that skyrocketed above podcast titans like Gary Vaynerchuck and Seth Godin, and became a marketing vehicle without looking like one.

I’ve trained organizations on effective use of social media, decision-making skills, and technology, and I write for some of the largest online publications in the world, have spoken to thousands, and help companies and business leaders transform every single day.

Digital Transformation Consulting - my agency - was born in the trenches. It was forged by the need to help organizations transform and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

I've studied companies that were thinking into the future and deconstructed their methods. I also studied companies that were failing and made note of the similarities. Through the course of time and effort, I developed a way to help companies transform from analog thinking to digital thinking. This is the essence of digital transformation.

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What We Do

We help businesses understand digital transformation and how to use it to fuel a business’ growth. We teach you how to use technology and systems to create sustainable change.

Our goal is to help you understand and implement the latest digital transformation strategies so that you stay at the forefront of your industry for years to come. We can you show you how to reach more of your employees and customers.


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Education and Licensing

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Brock Shinen, Esq.

I'm a consultant and trainer, but I also own and operate a law practice (Law Office of Brock Shinen, Inc.). This site is not for legal inquires, but if you'd like to learn about my legal services, you can click below:



Western State University, College of Law
Juris Doctor, 2001

University of La Verne
Graduate Coursework, Clinical Psychology

Southern California College                              B.A., Psychology, 1994

Bar Admission

• California, 2002 to Present