Brock Shinen, Esq.
Strategic Consultant and Trainer

Work Together

Work Together.

I'm confident I can help your corporation and leaders improve. Here are some ways I can help:

One-Off Trainings

These trainings usually last 40 minutes to 90 minutes and are fun, substantive, and motivational. You pick the topic from my areas of focus, or we select a topic together. One-off trainings are usually held in-person with a group (large or small, you decide), but we may discuss options for virtual trainings. I deliver world-class content with actionable recommendations, and always make a handout available.

Multi-Day/multi-subject Trainings

Multi-day/multi-subject trainings are essentially one-off trainings in multiple subjects and/or spanning multiple days. The trainings may be designed to cover the same topic for multiple groups (e.g., different divisions or corporate verticals) and/or different topics with the same or different groups. 

1-on-1 Executive Coaching

One-on-one executive coaching involves direct and engaging coaching on a personal basis. I rely heavily on my background in clinical psychology when working with executives to achieve the maximum level of improvement. Topics include all aspects of leadership and management, but focus in on the personal skills necessary to succeed as an executive. Due to the requirements of the relationship between coach and executive, executive coaching is provided in four formats: 

[1] - Urgent - The urgent executive coaching package is built around a specific issue that is pressing or urgent for a specific executive. The duration is one or a few meetings, and is intense and driven by information gathered prior to the meeting.

[2] - Grounding - The grounding executive coaching package is designed to get the executive "back to the basics" of strong leadership. We cover the five core areas of executive leadership: (a) competency; (b) communication; (c) responsibility; (d) creativity; and (e) accountability. This package is designed to shake the status quo and push the executive towards improved competency, communication, responsibility, creativity, and accountability. The duration is five weeks and includes weekly accountability work.

[3] - True Start - The true start executive coaching package is designed to first ground the executive in the basics of strong leadership, and then coach the executive towards objective improvement in corporate leadership and core competencies. The process begins with the grounding package and pivots into executive vision training. Coaching continues with real-life, real-time issues in the coach's professional and personal life. The duration is either 3 or 6 months and includes weekly accountability work.

[4] - Gold Standard - The gold standard package is a customized plan for a specific executive and includes the grounding package. Immediately following the grounding phase, we identify personal and professional goals and begin work on improving leadership and reaching objectives. The emphasis mixes core competency best-practices with specific, real-life, real-time issues present in the executive's personal and professional life. The duration is 12 months and requires a high level of commitment to the process and regular accountability work.

Team Coaching

Team coaching centers on building and maximizing the dynamics of a team. There aren't any trust falls here and this isn't an executive coaching process. Instead, we focus on research-driven talks and activities that help teams be more cohesive and effective. The team coaching process is 4 weeks in duration, but can be extended to 3, 6, and 12 month lengths. In the team coaching package, special attention is given to problem-solving the communication and behavioral aspects of team effectiveness. 

training Content development

Knowledge retention and transfer is difficult within most organizations. Employees sometimes forget what they've learned and attrition is a constant threat to knowledge transfer. I work with organizations to develop their own training programs which may include staff-developed content and/or content created by me. Topics are flexible and include my areas of focus, as well as areas in which I've developed a significant amount of expertise as a result of my exposure to many corporate environments over the years. I work with your organization to identify meaningful content topics and the best approach for content development and distribution within the organization.

motivational events  

Unlike trainings, motivational events are designed around one thing: motivation. These are fun and engaging events where I mix the best of competency, encouragement, levity, and vision into a customized talk for your organization. The goal is to motivate your people to take ownership of their work, cooperate, and reach within themselves to bring out their best version in the workplace. Motivational talks are usually around 90 minutes.

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