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Whether the situation is an opportunity or a point of pain, I have learned that you must know where your giftings end and when you must find strategic help...Working with Brock has been Life-giving and Life-saving in situations that seemed like “life or death” to my business. He has been that strategic and caring help needed and continues to be a trusted source of wisdom so everyone can succeed.
— Sarah Guldalian, Founder, Rhino Hyde Productions
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I have been working with Brock Shinen for over three years, and he has been instrumental in the success of my business ventures. Throughout the process of setting up, structuring, and executing my business, Brock has provided strategic counsel and guidance. His ability to understand, explain, and then help me structure processes has been invaluable. Through working with Brock, I have been able to move from a broad conceptual idea, to business and team formation, followed by strategic plan, product build, and finally beta launch.

Not only has Brock helped us reach key company milestones, but I have been sharpened and developed further as a leader and operator along the way. Brock’s ability to envision and communicate business strategies has furthered my skill set and opened doors for me to walk through as a founder.

In addition, Brock has helped me personally develop needed skills in negotiation and communication with both my team and vendors. Brock’s extensive experience and ability to creatively foresee opportunities and options has expanded my vision as a leader. With his guidance and insight, I have learned the skills and steadiness needed to navigate and negotiate through unexpected hurdles and carry vision through bumps and set backs.

Working with Brock would provide any executive an opportunity to improve business vision, execution, and operations.
— Mary Sirois, Founder, TRIBL
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