Brock Shinen
Strategy Consultant and Operations Expert


Stay Informed.

This Is How Things Look Right Now


You probably have a long list of things that you need to get done. Be honest- is this you?

Everything from clearing your inbox to launching your next round of Facebook ads to working on that proposal for distribution of your upcoming product. None of those things are particularly difficult, but you just can’t seem to knock them out. 

Instead, you’re “putting out fires”…

You’re calling the vendor who is mad about something that you feel is meaningless or meeting with the contractor who demanded a face-to-face meeting to discuss his/her confusion with the Scope of Work or Request for Proposal. The list of distractions is endless.

The fires take up so much time that you feel like you’re never able to focus on the real work. 

You have every intention of getting things done, and if the stars would just align and people would actually back off, you might be able to do something amazing.

Am I right?


You block out a few hours on Thursday afternoon just so you can put a few of those important things behind you, only to crash and burn that evening responding to texts and phone calls you didn’t expect to receive. 

You look back at your day, each night, and wonder where the time went. Then, you start the next morning believing you’re going to crush things…only to repeat the cycle that sent you into a tailspin in the first place.

Some of you reading this will say, “That’s not me. I’m just plagued with a couple of things, but for the most part, I always get stuff done.” That’s awesome and I sincerely congratulate you. You’re probably just looking for some tools to help you get better at finishing things. 

On the other hand, if what I described is your everyday reality, you’re quietly thinking: “That’s me! Please help me!” 

Don’t worry, I will. The resources on my site, as well as my book, Crush the Stops, and my leadership podcast, are my attempt to say, “I see you! I hear you! Let me help …”


Here’s the thing – a business leader’s life - your life - is filled with “fires” and unplanned obstacles. Constantly. It is our way of life, isn’t it?

I think more than anyone in the marketplace, we struggle to overcome distractions that are unique to our circumstances of wearing multiple hats. 

Business leaders tend to be captains of the ship, product developers, business developers, managers, strategists, customer service agents, accountants, human resource managers, counselors, and visionaries, all wrapped up in one. We are each an “ace” of something but are often expected to be a “jack” of all the rest.

Don’t you feel this is true?

I have some good news for you! The truth - and reality, should you choose it - is, you don’t have to exist in a constant state of unfinished business. You can crush the stops. You can eliminate the things that stand in your way of accomplishing your goals! 

You can actually learn and implement a few simple tools to get more things done. In fact, my goal with the resources I provide is to share with you lessons and stories that may inspire you and show you how to get everything done. 

Yes, you read that right - everything.

And, better news yet, to find joy in the process. 


The things that keep you from getting things done are what I call, stops. They are also known as hurdles, obstacles, and distractions. Right now, you look down the road and see at least a few stops. After reading my book, I’m confident you’ll see fewer. 

And, for those that remain, I’m confident you’ll learn how to crush those. 

I want you to feel empowered and encouraged by the material I provide. You are a good leader. You do know what you are doing. You can feel confident with your to-do lists. And there are things that can be eliminated, or re-prioritized. You just have to know how.

Sometimes the best source of wisdom is a friend who speaks your language but can see things from an outside perspective. So, consider me the friend who has walked many miles in your shoes and wants to use what I have learned to help you breeze through to-do lists and avoid some pitfalls. 

Not everyone can bear the title of “business leader,” but you do. And you can. You are uniquely skilled and gifted for the tasks at hand. So let’s tackle that to-do list together. Ready? Time to go crush those stops!