Brock Shinen
Digital Transformation Consultant


Stay Informed.

You Are Almost There...Keep Going!


You’re a dreamer. You’re a builder. You have countless thoughts and ideas, and sometimes believe you can even see the future. 

You want to build your organization and launch new products and services, and help the world become a better place. Maybe you’ve actually started a number of new ventures and maybe you’re already extremely successful. Truly, you should feel proud. To have a dream and work hard to achieve it, is a gift.

I’m guessing though that, at one point or another, a hurdle has tripped you up. A mountain has thrust itself in front of you, and you haven’t been able to climb over. You’ve come to the simple realization that you can be stopped. A crowded inbox. A product launch that’s six months behind schedule. Phone calls that never end. Those are all stops.
But, I want to help you know how to crush those stops


Stops come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s a dollar amount that isn’t in the budget. Other times it’s a competitor that just won’t let you get up to speed. Maybe it’s simply a matter of time (or lack thereof), or knowledge or insecurity or aggression or opposition. 

The key to overcoming them is defining them and then defining a strategic plan to resolve them. We have to understand: 

  • Where do they come from? 

  • How to characterize them? 

  • How to overcome them? 

Stops aren’t defined by how they materialize, they’re defined by what they accomplish. A blessing today can be a stop tomorrow: an overzealous mentor who transitions from helping to intruding; a wide open market that becomes a sea of noise, etc, etc, etc. 

Stops prevent you from accomplishing whatever it is that you set out to accomplish. 

You want to crush them, but you’re stuck in a cycle preventing you from doing so. This is why it’s critical for you to first understand the nature of stops; the nature of whatever it is that is keeping you from accomplishing your goal.


Not long after passing the California state bar exam, I started my own law practice. That was a major hurdle and required an enormous amount of discipline. Over the years, I’ve written over a half dozen books, and dozens of articles for publication. I’ve hosted multiple webinars, spoken at a variety of small and large events, and appeared as a guest on webinars and podcasts in multiple industries. 

During that time I also successfully launched a new podcast, The CogniPop Podcast, and was able to get it ranked and recommended by iTunes nearly out of the gate in one of the most competitive categories. In order to launch the podcast, I had to learn how to produce, record, edit, and distribute the podcast throughout the world. 

I did all this while continuing to manage and expand my law practice, which grew by leaps and bounds during that time. And my family time didn’t suffer at all. In fact, I’ve spent more time with my family in the past few years than ever before. I do more in one hour today than I was able to accomplish in an entire day ten years ago. (Yes, you read that right. And if you want, I would like to help you understand how to make it happen for you as well.) 

As a lawyer and strategist helping people and organizations conquer their problems - I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen business leaders absolutely crush everything they do, while I’ve seen others fall flat at every single stop

But what I have learned is that there are identifiable traits - or actions - common among leaders who fail at every stop, and also among those who crush the stops. I see the business leaders who are crushing it making the same choices, consistently.

Through my own experiences and what I have learned with others in their journey, I’ve finally done it. I’ve managed to crack the code on productivity and follow-through. I’ve figured out how to crush the stops.


The short and sweet answer is that we all need a little assist; a little extra knowledge in the mix. The book is the quickest way to jump start the process.
You are not incapable on your own, but you (and I) need some help on how to accomplish the goals you set for yourself and your business, and how to overcome the things that keep you from getting to the other side. We all need that, and that’s ok. It’s the true leaders who recognize where they need help and seek it out. 

Here’s a reality check: most people give up after they hit a wall. It’s true. I’ve seen it way too many times. However, I am confident that that’s not you.

I’ve already been where you are now – and I made it to the other side. Multiple times. I also have years of experience helping others do this very thing.

As a team, I have worked with clients to 

  • Obliterate the learning curve and

  • Overcome hurdles to get things done 

… and while having fun in the process.

You want to figure it out too, I know. In fact, you need to do it for yourself. I know that too. I think this is your time to crush the stops.